Finches: African


These finches are native to Africa and generally found in open grassland with light tree and/or shrub coverage, also along watercourses, in gardens and cultivated fields. These finches can be kept in breeding cages or mixed aviaries with other bird species such as canaries, budgies, cockatiels, quail or small parakeets. They are vivid and perky birds as well as being a very popular choice.



Easy to Sex: Some species can be visually sexed. Lifespan: 5-12 years. Diet: Foreign finch seed, pannicum millet, millet sprays, egg food, mealworms, small insects, green food. Specialties: Must have live food, enclosed avairy to stay sheltered from the weather and heat during winter months.

We offer a variety of different specialist African Finches:

*Subject to availability
  • Bishop
    • Yellow
  • Cuban
  • Cut-Throats
  • Goldbreasts
  • Green Singers
  • Orange Cheeks
  • Red Ears
  • ¬†Silverbills
    • African
    • Indian
    • Chocolate
  • St Helena