Pigeons and Doves thrive in almost every habitat on earth, only the Arctic circle and Antarctica have none. They are great for Dove Cots in gardens or will mix well with other birds in aviaries.



Easy to Sex: Yes.
Lifespan: 3-8 years.
Diet: Chick crumb, lettuce, weeds, seeds and mealworms.
Specialties: Ideally need to be kept in aviaries or Dove Cots.

We offer a variety of Pigeons/Doves:

*Subject to availability
  • Australian Crested Pigeons
  • Barbary Doves
  • Cape Doves
  • Capuchine Pigeon
  • Diamond Doves
  • Fan Tailed Doves
  • Peruvian Ground Doves
  • Senegal Doves
  • White Garden Doves
  • Wood Dove