Finches: Rest of World


These finches can be kept in breeding cages or mixed aviaries with other bird species such as canaries, budgies, cockatiels, quail or small parakeets. They are cheap and cheerful with Bengalese finches in particular, making great foster parents.



Easy to Sex: Diamond Doves and Zebras are easy to sex with Bengalese and Java Sparrows being fairly easy to sex. Lifespan: 5-12 years. Diet: Foreign finch seed, millet sprays, egg food, mealworms and green food. Specialties: They should be kept in the dry and warmth through the colder weather and have a bath on a daily basis.

We offer a variety of different specialist Rest of World Finches:

*Subject to availability
  • Bengalese
    • Bengalese Crested
    • Normal
  • Diamond Doves
    • Pied
    • Normal
  • Java Sparrows
    • Fawn
    • Pied
    • Silver
    • White
  • Mannikin
    • Chestnut Breasted
  • Zebra
    • Black Cheek
    • Crested
    • Penguin
    • Phaoes
    • Exhibition
    • Cocks
    • Hens
    • Pairs