We offer a range of Softbill birds, including: African Grey Hornbill, Blue Bellied Roller, Common Mynahs and Pagoda Starlings. Our recommendation is that they are kept in large aviaries, however small softbills will mix well with finches and canaries. Common Mynahs make fantastic pets and have the ability to mimic repetitive words and sounds with encouragement.

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Easy to Sex: Some species can be visually sexed but for others we recommend DNA sexing.
Lifespan: 5-10 years.
Diet: Bogena softfood, plenty of fruit, mealworms and insects.
Specialties: Need baths daily.

We offer a various species of Softbills:

*Subject to availability
  • African Grey Hornbill
  • Bank Mynah
  • Blue Bellied Roller
  • Common Mynah
  • Greater Hill Mynah
  • Pagoda Starling
  • Pekin Robins
  • Purple Glossy Starling
  • White Cheeked Turaco
  • Zosterops Senegal