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Sky Birds

The UK's leading bird & small animal supplier

We are specialists in Cage and Aviary Birds.  Browse our extensive range of exotic birds, parrots, and budgies

We stock a comprehensive range of small animals such as gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits

Specialist suppliers of birds and small mammals

Sky Birds Sales was founded in 1991 by owner Guy Smith.

With over 30 years of experience in the pet trade, in the last few years we have significantly grown and expanded and we are now the largest Bird and Small Animal supplier in the UK.

What we do?

Founded in 1991, Sky Birds offers over 30 years’ experience caring for birds and animals putting us in the best position to offer help and advice.  Sky Birds was created to supply the pet trade with a wide range of cage and aviary birds from garden finches to the more exotic parrots.  Over time and with the growth of the business, Sky Birds expanded to further meet the needs of our pet stores with the supply of small animals.  Today we are one of the largest pet suppliers in the UK, selling birds and small animals.

Why choose us?

30 Years Experience

Putting us in the best position to offer help and advice.

DEFRA approved

Our holding and quarantine facilities are DEFRA approved.

Vet Inspections

We receive a fortnightly inspection on our animals and premises from a registered Vet.

The 5 freedoms

Sky Birds are committed to ensuring the RSPCA 5 freedoms are being respected.

All our deliveries are undertaken with our own dedicated, experienced drivers in our own vehicles.

We encourage any customers to visit our premises prior to ordering.

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